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The items present in your house or commercial office building, whether they are carpeting or furnishings, get dirty with regular use and presence of regular traffic increasing the potential for contaminants, bacteria, viruses and germs to build up. There are many other reasons from which your overall home or office across surfaces, floors, carpet and upholstery can get dirty Hence, getting your property cleaned from the experts is required to stay on top of the health of your environment. In order to avoid potential issues, you should get sanitation done from the experts. We are known to be the best Midlothian based company that can provide your house & officea protectant layer. Our sanitization services have been listed as the most prominent and needed of our many services especially due to Covid 19 and other recent outbreaks.

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We are always present for the help of our customers and offering sanitization is our prime focus. However, it is common for the allergic factors to be present over your upholstery items. There are many kinds of allergic factors other than mold that is not visible to the naked eyes of humans. We have a completely chemical-free sanitization process for our clients and it is listed as the ideal option to get rid of the allergic factors from your house or office.

What can be treated with the sanitization process by our experts?

We use the best methods to deal with the problems caused by allergic factors. Our experts have been trained to provide you with the best services. Here is what you can treat with our sanitization process.

Volatile Organic Compounds
Sick Building Syndrome
Dust Mites
1 Viruses

Viruses are very small in size and they are not visible but they can be the reason behind illness and many diseases. The sanitization process offered by our company would help you to prevent the spread of virus by sanitizing and disinfecting the surface of upholstery and air inside your house.

2 Allergens

The increase in rain during the spring season would help to promote the faster growth of trees, flowers, grass and weeds. The presence of unwanted pollen grains would be prevalent at every place you will go. These are present for a duration of 6 months actively and cause allergy. Thus, our sanitization process would help you to reduce the amount of pollen present inside your house and office air ducts.

3 Volatile Organic Compounds

If you are breathing VOCs then it would cause irritation in your nose, eyes and throat. It would also lead to the breathing difficulty as well as cause nausea. In some of the severe circumstances it could damage the central nervous system and other organs of your body. These products are usually found in carpet, paint, cleaners, disinfectants, air fresheners, pressed wood, pesticides, dry-cleaned  clothing and many more. A thorough sanitization process offered by our experts would turn out to be helpful for your health.

4 Sick Building Syndrome

It is usually defined as the experience of the comfort effects and acute health that appears and need to be linked to time spent inside your house. There is no specific illness or cause that could be identified but there are symptoms that are quite similar to reactions caused by allergy. These could be eye, nose or throat irritation, headache, dry cough, nausea, dry or itchy skin and dizziness. You might find it difficult to concentrate over one thing and experience fatigue as well as sensitivity to odors. Our sanitization process is listed as the best one in the industry that can help you to be away from the diseases caused  by allergens and other contaminants.


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5 Dust Mites

These are the microscopic pests that look like insects that can reside in your mattress, upholstery, bedding, carpets and curtains. They usually feed over the dead skin as well as dander from the human body as well as pets. Dust mites can make your asthma and allergies worse if not treated on time.

6 Mice

This pest has a very high reproduction rate and it could easily create foul smells, asthma and allergic reactions. Their feces and urine is enough to make you prone to diseases. Get our sanitization services done at your place early to avoid any kind of problem due to mice urine and feces.

7 Odor

Odor is known to be one of the most immediate offensive challenges that can rise when renting or buying a new house. The most common smells are caused by pet odor, cigarettes, wild animals and food items. These odors might permeate inside the foundation of your house. You can only mask this problem with painting and applying deodorizers, but it can appear again. Hence, to end it effectively you need to get the sanitization service from the experts of SuperCleanGuys

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SuperCleanGuys is one of the most reputed names when it comes to get the best sanitization services in Midlothian. We have been in this line of business for many years and being on top is our special quality. We believe in delivering the best quality results to our clients. There are multiple edges of getting sanitization services from the experts working with us. Let us see some of the benefits of hiring our experts.

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